My Disneyverse Top 100 Songs – a Response to Billboard

June 22, 2023
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So at the end of last month Billboard released their top 100 ‘Disneyverse’ songs. It’s.. an interesting list. Look, all these things are opinion based, I get that. But not all opinions are created equal. So what’s the point in having a blog if you can’t shout your opinions from the rooftop and proclaim yours as the ones that deserve to be heard?

Before you read my rankings, and get your pitchforks out, please consider the following:

  1. I decided that each song must include vocals. No orchestral movements here.
  2. Any song written specifically for a Disney property is game. Licensed songs are not. There’s no Come and Get Your Love in this list.
  3. Despite the above rules, this was really hard to narrow down. I know 100 songs sounds like a lot but seriously. Try it. It’s not easy.
  4. To make this list I created a playlist on Apple Music (I’ll say it before you do, no I don’t use Spotify, we’re not getting into that right now there’s too much to tackle), copied that list into a ranking engine and spend however long it took picking which song I prefer, and it spat out the below ranking. Who am I to argue with that.
  5. I’m a massive DLP fan, so a lot of the choices here are linked to that.
  6. There will be controversial omissions from this that will upset you. I’m going to say right away that I’ll Make a Man Out of You is not on this list. I’m sorry, I just don’t rate it that highly. But it’s okay. As I said, this is all just my opinion.

Right. We should probably get to it. Here goes…

100 – Dos Oruguitas (Encanto, 2021)

I’ll admit, this one is a tough one. When I first saw Encanto, I didn’t rate it all that much. But as time has gone on it’s grown on me… and seeing it performed live at the Disney100 Concert at the O2 has cemented it as a worthy mention on this list.

99 – The Garden / All In the Golden Afternoon (Alice in Wonderland, 1951)

You know those travelators you walk along once you’ve parked up at Disneyland Paris? Yeah those are immediately what I think of when I hear this song. Ah, nostalgia.

98 – The Tummy Song (Winnie the Pooh, 2011)

Okay so I think this Pooh film is extremely underrated and brimming with charm. There are a few bangers in there, but for me this one never fails to conjure a smile. He has a duet with his tummy. Ha, charming.

97 – Heigh-Ho (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937)

A classic. It might seem low in the list, but hey. It’s my list so you’ll have to deal with it.

96 – Kiss the Girl (The Little Mermaid, 1989)

Another song I was fairly surprised was so low down on the rankings to be honest – but looking at what comes next makes sense. It’s a great, great song but there are better examples of Disney love songs coming up.

95 – Into the Unknown (Frozen 2, 2019)

I know, I know, Frozen 2. Yawn. Play this song right now though and tell me it doesn’t make you fell something. I think this is far better than Show Yourself, which to be honest is incredibly forgettable. That might be due to the fact that I still don’t know what that damn siren was all about. It was her mum apparently? I dunno.

94 – On My Way (Brother Bear, 2003)

Brother Bear doesn’t really do it for me as a film – I’m not sure why. Phil Collins though, whose pop music I am definitely not a fan of, smashes it here. Just not as much as he smashes a certain other films soundtrack…

93 – Bella notte (Lady and the Tramp, 1955)

An extremely beautiful and different take on the Disney love song this. It also soundtracks one of the most iconic scenes in the Disney canon when those pups eat the spaghetti. I love dogs. They’re the best.

92 – One Jump Ahead (Aladdin, 1992)

One of the songs from Aladdin which unfortunately the late great Howard Ashman wasn’t around to contribute on, but I think this one will always strike a chord with me.

91 – Oo-De-Lally (Robin Hood, 1973)

Two words – CHRONICALLY UNDERRATED. Yes I know that basically the entire film was just a bunch of reused animation, but I don’t care. I love that film and I love this song.

90 – Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor’s Life for Me) (Pinocchio, 1940)

A film that terrified me to shreds and was subject of many nightmares, but this song is a tune. Does this count as a villain song? Maybe. But it’s a delight.

89 – Whistle While You Work (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937)

Another from the iconic film. I don’t really know what else to add here. It’s a tune.

88 – Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat (Aristocats, 1970)

Now Aristocats is a film that was on an awful lot in our house growing up, yet I don’t feel like it really gets much of a mention these days. Which is a shame, I think it’s a solid movie. This song though, is beautifully jazzy, and it’s lovely to hear Phil Harris flex his vocal cords again. In fact if we were ranking Disney voice actors, he might be up there for me.

87 – Baby Mine (Dumbo, 1941)

There are a myriad of issues with Dumbo when it comes to how it portrays certain cultures, and I’m sorry, calling those crows the “Jim Crows” is just downright horrific. That being sad, this song is just a beautiful, beautiful lullaby which rarely leaves me dry eyed when I happen to hear it.

86 – Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Mary Poppins, 1964)

They really packed this film out with songs didn’t they. I guess if you have the Sherman Brothers, use them. A lasting impression from Saving Mr Banks (which is a wonderful film I can’t recommend highly enough) is when they’re pitching this song to P.L. Travers, and the orchestra comes in. It’s truly wonderful.

85 – So This Is Love (Cinderella, 1950)

I group this one with a lot of the other love songs they usually play around the Disney castles in the parks. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful. It’s very good.

84 – Why Should I Worry? (Oliver and Company, 1988)

Guys, it’s Billy Joel, as a dog, in New York. Please.

83 – Some Day My Prince Will Come (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937)

Again, another which I just can’t help but associate with looking at Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Paris. Those feels are hard to explain.

82 – Chim Chim Cher-ee (Mary Poppins, 1964)

This won an Oscar. Not a surprise. The reason it might be so low in these rankings is maybe just because we all take for granted how good this song is.

81 – Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King, 1994)

Elton John lady’s and gents. The guy knows how to write a song (along with Tim Rice in this instance of course). Bit odd though because I’m fairly sure given how lion prides work, and the fact that there are only two male lions shown, Nala and Simba are siblings or cousins.

Let’s move on.

80 – Circle of Life (The Lion King, 1994)

As above, except this is a true epic. It sitting at 80 is a surprise, but it might be a victim of its own success here – i’ve just heard this song maybe too many times.

79 – The Time of Your Life (A Bug’s Life, 1998)

Here’s maybe where my age begins to show – this is the first film I remember seeing in the cinema (I was born in 1995). Randy Newman and his music has a special place in my heart and this one is no exception.

78 – Painting the Roses Red / March of the Cards (Alice in Wonderland, 1951)

Disneyland Paris. That’s the explanation. I love that damn labyrinth.

77 – Hakuna Matata (The Lion King, 1994)

You can see that section of the movie now, where Timon, Pumba and Simba are walking across the log. It doesn’t really need explanation.

76 – Some Things Never Change (Frozen 2, 2019)

Another underrated song from an overrated franchise. This one feels like such a classic Broadway/West End style song. I find myself listening to this quite a lot actually.

75 – The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book, 1967)

“Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw, when you pick a pear try to use the claw.” Phil Harris baby. Voice of a generation.

74 – Out There (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996)

I’ve always called this film Disney’s answer to Les Mis. This song is an epic ‘I want’ song. Not the best (we all know which one that is) but an epic one.

73 – Fun and Fancy Free (Fun and Fancy Free, 1947)

Wow this is a curveball. I’m not even sure it’s a Disney original, think it might be a cover. But I like it and it’s my list dammit We had this on video tape growing up. I’ve tried watching it on Disney+ and… it’s not good. This song and its sequence is a delight though. We love Jiminy Cricket.

72 – For the First Time in Forever (Frozen, 2013)

Seeing Frozen in the cinema, this song felt pretty epic. It’s a great song in an overrated movie. There I said it.

71 – Down to Earth (Wall-E, 2008)

I’m a big Peter Gabriel fan in general. This song feels like a perfect rubber stamp to the message the film is trying to get across.

70 – If I Didn’t Have You (Monsters Inc., 2001)

Randy Newman you son of a gun. He’s on this list a few times. Who doesn’t love Billy Crystal and John Goodman espousing the values of friendship.

69 – Son of Man (Tarzan, 1999)

Sideways has a great video on why Tarzan doesn’t quite click like the other Disney Renaissance films. I agree with all his points. However, the Phil Collins songs absolutely SLAP. Put this song on and resist nodding your head. I DARE YOU.

68 – I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu) (Muppets Most Wanted, 2014)

Baby stop right there. I think Disney’s Muppets films are extremely underrated, and I can’t figure out why Disney aren’t pumping more of them out. Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame is an incredibly worthy successor to the great Paul Williams, capturing the spirit of the Muppets whilst putting his own spin on it. This song is both funny, and fantastic. I love it.

67 – Grim Grinning Ghosts (Haunted Mansion, Disney Parks)

The first appearance of the Disney Parks in our list. There aren’t many. And that’s a travesty. I think Disney parks rely far too much on IP these days, and as such we don’t get great original park music these days. I don’t adore the original version of this song, but it has to be here given the motif being used beautifully in the score for Phantom Manor, my all time favourite attraction.

66 – Touch the Sky (Brave, 2012)

This film is unfairly hated IMO. I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes out. This song however has all the feels, and I don’t think that can be disputed. It’s nice to hear some Celtic vibes in a Disney film, and on the castle at Disneyland Paris, even if it is the first scene I’d remove from Dreams.

65 – That’s How You Know (Enchanted, 2007)

How do you make a good parody film? Get the people that make the actual films to make the parody. Alan Menken, who along with the late great Howard Ashman birthed the modern Disney musical, returns here and makes some of the finest music he’s ever made. This song is a total joy.

64 – That’s What Friends Are For (The Jungle Book, 1967)

This might be seen as a bit of a curveball, but I adore this track. I only wish the rumours of them wanting the Beatles to play the vultures were true.

63 – Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid, 1989)

I’m not sure there’s anything I can add to the discussion of this song that hasn’t already been said. One of the great Disney Villain songs this.

62 – Friends on the Other Side (The Princess and the Frog, 2011)

I do however think I prefer this villain song… sue me. I’m a Randy Newman stan and he smashes it again here. Unsettling but also jazzy as hell.

61 – Lost in the Woods (Frozen 2, 2019)

Come on. Tell me you don’t have a massive smile on your face when this song plays during Frozen 2. The biggest crime Frozen committed was not giving Jonathan Groff more than a few lines of singing. They rectified it here.

60 – We’re Doing a Sequel (Muppets Most Wanted, 2014)

Another banger from this movie. This song feels like it could be played on The Muppet Show. That’s the biggest compliment I can give it.

59 – Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty, 1959)

I’m not sure this counts totally. The music is by Tchaikovsky, but the words are original. It’s a classic and whenever it plays I feel like I’m in front of the castle in Paris. It’s all about the feels baby.

58 – Almost There (The Princess and the Frog, 2011)

Two words. Randy. Newman. And Anika Noni Rose. It’s the first “I Want” song by an African-american princess. And it’s a banger. Smashes it. This one should maybe be higher in the list to be honest…

57 – Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Lilo & Stitch, 2002)

Nostalgia is doing its thing there. This song feels like a warm hug.

56 – He Mele No Lilo (Lilo & Stitch, 2002)

Why is this track above the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride? Key change innit.

55 – Prince Ali (Aladdin, 1992)

Robin Williams shines as the Genie. We all know it. And this song is a big reason for that. Along with the. other one.

54 – It’s a Small World (Disney Parks)

The Marmite of the Disney world. You love it or you hate it. I love it.

53 – Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid, 1989)

It’s the Little Mermaid. The song is amazing. Read my other thoughts on songs from that film hahah. But seriously, gotta be up there as one of the most iconic Disney songs.

52 – I’ve Got a Dream (Tangled, 2010)

UNDERRATED MOVIE. It feels like Tangled lives permanently in Frozen’s shadow. And it annoys me supremely. This is fun in all the right ways. Alan Menken, take another bow.

51 – I Wan’na Be Like You (The Jungle Book, 1967)

I used to be in a New Orleans style Jazz Band at school. I know. Nerdy. I played banjo. Anyway, we used to play this song and everyone loved it. It’s iconic and it’s transcended the film it was in. We love the Sherman Brothers here.

50 – A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella, 1950)

Again, listening to this takes me straight back to my happy place, Disneyland Paris. It’s just a delight.

49 – Something So Right (Muppets Most Wanted, 2014)

When you started reading this ranking, did you honestly think there’d be three songs from Muppets Most Wanted? I bet you didn’t. Miss Piggy and Celine Dion. Need I say more?

48 – I Will Go Sailing No More (Toy Story, 1995)

Full disclosure, Toy Story might be my all time favourite film. Randy Newman smashes it here. It’s sad and it’s beautiful.

47 – Happy Working Song (Enchanted, 2007)

Alan Menken rights a better version of Whistle While You Work. Yeah I said it.

46 – He Lives in You (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, 1998)

This has appeared in Simba’s Pride, The Lion King Musical (which I have some hot takes on), and more recently, the extremely dull Lion King “live action” remake. Simba’s Pride is easily the best of the three so that’s what’s getting the credit this time. Truly a worthy song to follow in the steps of the epics of the first movie, and in many places, surpasses them.

45 – A Whole New World (Aladdin, 1992)

I just found out in the writing of this way-too-long post that Lea is the singing voice of both Jasmine and Mulan. How crazy is that. Now I know, it’s so obvious. Anyway, this is a good song. Overplayed, but it’s good. The ranking engine may have put this a bit higher than I would have on my own but… hey, that’s why we use a ranking engine. Maybe I like it more than I think I do!

44 – We Belong Together (Toy Story 3, 2010)

Toy Story 3 in many ways was a bookend to my childhood. It came out in my last year of school. I felt how Andy’s anguish at giving Woody away. This song brings all of those feels back. Plus it’s Randy Newman. I love this track.

43 – Something There (Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

Ah. The first song from this film on the list. Being brutal, I don’t have massive nostalgic feelings towards Beauty and the Beast. Sure I watched it as a kid but it was never my favourite. My appreciation has actually come far later in life, to the point where I think objectively this might be Disney’s greatest masterpiece, and well deserving of its nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars. I have a lot to say on animation and the weird snobbery Hollywood has against it, but this isn’t the place. I should be saying how great this particular song is.

It’s a total ear worm. I find myself humming this song a lot.

42 – Strangers Like Me (Tarzan, 1999)

Tarzan keeps coming up doesn’t it. There’s not loads more I can add though. Stranger Like Me is a ridiculously good song, and could live as a legit pop song on its own.

41 – Reflection (Mulan, 1998)

Seriously, the person singing this song is also the person singing on A Whole New World. That’s just crazy to me, it’s truly blown my mind. Anyway, another great “I Want” song. It’s also fantastic when covered by Christina Aguilera. Shout out to the 90s Disney end credits songs.

40 – Life’s a Happy Song (The Muppets, 2011)

Maybe the most feel good song ever written. Hyperbolic? Maybe. Definitely not true? Almost definitely. Feist is in this though. And 1234 is a great song we all love.

In all seriousness though, great song.

39 – When We’re Human (The Princess and the Frog, 2011)

Tap-your-foot New Orleans jazz wonder. What a supreme tune. The instrumentation, the singing, it just has it all. I may even be underrating this one.

38 – Gaston (Beauty and the Beast, 2017)

No, I haven’t made a mistake. I’m talking about the 2017 version of this song with Luke Evans and Josh Gad. It’s better than the original. The remake is unnecessary and falls flat in places, but this is fantastic and is the version I’ll listen to over the original. Sacrilegious as it may be, it’s my opinion and you’re going to have to deal with it.

37 – Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

This is just the Beauty and the Beast section of the ranking now guys. Welcome. This song is very very good, don’t get me wrong, and it’s Dreams scene will always make me feel warm and fuzzy. For many, I would assume this would be higher on the list. I just think that maybe it’s a little bit overrated by general audiences. And I’ll leave it at that.

36 – Belle (Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

Now THIS song. This song is as good of a musical opener as you’re ever going to get. It has everything you could want – ensemble lines, a mini “I Want” section, story telling. Hot damn. Ashman and Menken really really smashed the brief with this film didn’t they.

35 – Magic Everywhere (Disneyland Paris)

HA! Here we go. I think I’m going to get some grief for this one. Look, this is purely a nostalgia pick and I’m not afraid to say it. They used to just play this on repeat for 30 minutes while the parade was happening, so in my opinion it has to be pretty special for me not to hate it due to the amount of times I’ve heard it. It’s just all about the feels. Again.

34 – Un Monde Qui S’Illumine (Disneyland Paris)

See above really, except I think the 30th anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris have actually been really special. This song will always have a special place in my heart due to it kind of being a post-COVID anthem, feeling like Disney was back for me.

33 – Man or Muppet (The Muppets, 2011)

“I reflect on my reflection, and I ask myself the question, what’s the right directiooooooooon – to go”

I love good wordplay. This is almost so bad it’s good. But this song is just an epic. Fight me.

32 – Shiny (Moana, 2016)

Lin-Manuel has a chequered reputation these days, it feels like it’s cool to hate him, which feels unfair. The guy is super talented, managing to create a villain song in a film – nay an entire era – decided they didn’t want villain songs. Getting Jermaine Clement to do his Bowie impression for it was the cherry on top of the cake. Stupendous work, Lin.

31 – Let It Go (Frozen, 2013)

Look there’s nothing I can write about Let it Go that hasn’t been said already. It’s a great song, Idina Menzel is very talented, yadayadayada. It’s good. Probably one of the greats. But I’m bored of hearing it, which is why it doesn’t crack the top 30 for me, and comes below a song written by Sting and sung by Tom Jones.

30 – Perfect World (The Emperors New Groove, 2000)

Who’s the hippest cat in creation? Kuzcoooooo. We all know the making of this film, and even this song, was a total mess, but I can’t help but groove whenever I hear those first piano notes hit.

29 – Friend Like Me (Aladdin, 1992)

Robin Williams helps create the best song in Aladdin here. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said.

28 – Mother Knows Best (Tangled, 2010)

Back when we could have villain songs. Remember those days? Please Wish, bring them back. This track sounds so joyful yet when you have the context it’s so incredibly sinister. It’s wonderful.

27 – Honor To Us All (Mulan, 1998)

This is my favourite song from Mulan. So what. Argue with that instrumentation, not me, because it’s brilliant.

26 – We Don’t Talk About Bruno (Encanto, 2021)

Now this is what Miranda does best. Disney’s best work always comes when they’re following the musical formula, and right here we have a first act finale song which is absolutely perfect. Everyone get’s their moment to shine, and it culminates that trademark Hamilton style canon of voices at the end. This activates all the right chemicals in my brain.

25 – Evermore (Beauty and the Beast, 2017)

Can you believe that this is higher than so many other songs from the original? I can. This slaps. Dan Stevens excels, and it’s a wonder that Alan Menken and Tim Rice managed to put together a song that’s more than worthy of being put next to the other classics nearly 30 years after they were written. Top job.

24 – Two Worlds (Tarzan, 1999)

We’re still talking Tarzan? I don’t know what else to say. At this point it’s just personal preference as to which order you put the songs in. Have I mentioned that Tarzan is the first film I remember seeing at the cinema? I’ve been putting this post together for so long now I can’t remember. If I have, sorry, if I haven’t, there we go. That’s probably why there are so many songs from that film on this list.

23 – Strange Things (Toy Story, 1995)

I often sit and wonder how many of the songs in Toy Story Randy Newman had already written and just had sitting around waiting to be used. Because they’re all just great songs. Strange Things is no exception.

22 – Ready for the Ride (Disneyland Paris)

Dream… and Shine Brighter! is recognised as being one of the best shows Disney has put on in their parks. And this song is half the reason. A total earworm, but to say that I’m not just thinking of the good times I’ve had watching the show while I listen would be lying. Good luck topping this one, DLP.

21 – Mickey Mouse Club March (Mickey Mouse Club)

A classic, and one that will never fail to get you in the spirit of Disney when you hear it. When I hear this on the travelators at Disney I feel like I’ve arrived. Iconic.

20 – Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

Now we’re getting to the heavy hitters. The most iconic song from this film never disappoints. It’s a total delight, evoking the ball room scene in my mind whenever I hear it. I know I’ve already said it, but I honestly thing Beauty and the Beast is Disney’s greatest triumph. 10s all around.

19 – I See the Light (Tangled, 2010)

Personally though, I rate this one higher. This is one of the finest love songs to ever come out of Disney. A gorgeous duet between two wonderful singers. And it has a key change. Always bumps things up a few points in my mind.

18 – Be Prepared (The Lion King, 1994)

Imagine remaking The Lion King and thinking “yeah we’ll scrap that song”. This is, in my opinion, the best Disney Villain song ever. It’s menacing, delightfully camp, and a total tune.

17 – Ma Belle Evangeline (The Princess and the Frog, 2011)

By this point, if you’re still reading these and not just skipping to see my top 10, you basically have a decent grip of my musical taste and that Randy Newman will always elicit a very good response from me. This one makes me cry. Yep. We’re at the crying stage of the ranking. Buckle up. We’re just getting started.

16 – You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (Peter Pan, 1953)

Peter Pan was a film me and my younger sisters would watch on repeat growing up. Couple that with Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland Paris and you’ve got yourself the perfect ingredients for a beautiful joint of roast nostalgia. To this day I wish I could just think of a happy thought and fly.

15 – When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2, 1999)

Yeah, we cry now. More now I’m older too. As a kid I always remember thinking “aw that’s sad. Can we skip to Woody now?” Not anymore. Now this whole sequence pulls at my heartstrings like no other. I credit this with my inability to throw stuff away. I assign stupid things sentience and have to push myself to not just become a hoarder with newspapers stacked to the ceiling. And that’s your fault, Randy Newman, you beautiful, beautiful man.

14 – You’ll Be In My Heart (Tarzan, 1999)

Tarzan makes its final appearance here, for another tear jerker. Guys, the gorilla lost its cub, and the baby lost its parents. Now they’re going to be a family. Cmon. If that doesn’t make you tear up I don’t know what will.

13 – How Far I’ll Go (Moana, 2016)

Moana is a brilliant Disney Princess, brimming with personality. Her “I Want” song is no different. I remember hearing this one in the cinema and thinking “yep. This is it.” Sometimes you just know when something is right. And this is one of those times.

12 – Remember Me (Coco, 2017)

The Remember Me lullaby is just something else. When Miguel sings it for Mama Coco? Honestly, just get the tissues out. I could write for hours on Coco. Maybe I will one day. But for now, just listen to this song. That’s why it’s at number 12. It doesn’t require further explanation.

11 – Winnie the Pooh (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, 1977)

Ah, Pooh. Again, a film we watched on repeat as kids. I have a Pooh teddy bear, it was my first ever, given to me in the crib, or so I’m told. This music convinces me for a split second that that teddy bear is an actual, real life, honey eating bear. That sounds ridiculous I know, but that’s the power of music I guess. And yes. I cry now.

10 – I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (Hercules, 1997)

TOP 10 BABY. This song is a total romp. I can’t quite express why I love it so much other than to say it’s just a fantastic song in its own right. Again, listen to it and I think it kind of explains itself.

9 – When You Wish Upon a Star (Pinocchio, 1940)

THE Disney anthem. It’s transcended the film it was in, to the point where if you played it to people I wonder what percentage of them would know it’s from Pinocchio. It’s wonderful, it’s magical. When you hear it, you know the magic is about to start. And it’ll make you cry when it’s played loud by an orchestra at The O2.

8 – Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me) (Disney Parks)

When Sea of Thieves launched their Pirate’s Life series of tall tales, I hoped so much that this song would feature. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as the first one started you heard echoes of this tune in the caves, and the biggest smile formed on my face. I could smell the smells. I could feel the water beneath my feet. This song is iconic, and it only makes me wish they made more Park-specific IPs, rather than relying on wizards with laser swords and cape-wearing super-humans. Make something with heart again, WDI. Please.

7 – Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas, 1995)

“But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew”.

Pocahontas has its issues, of that there is no doubt, but this song isn’t one of them. It’s truly beautiful, and has such a strong message. A weird, slightly hypocritical message, coming from a capitalistic conglomerate, but it’s a message we should all take on board. Widen your horizons and don’t assume your way is the only way.

6 – Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid, 1989)

The first, and greatest “I Want” song of the Disney Renaissance. This is the song that saved the company back in the late 80s. Without this, there’s a strong chance half the songs on this list would never have been written. Howard Ashman, you’re a genius, and you’re sorely missed. Rest in peace.

5 – I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme) (Treasure Planet, 2002)

Another curveball, but to be honest Treasure Planet is one of the most underrated films ever made, so I think this more than deserves its spot for me. I know on the surface it’s just a generic, early noughties rock ballad, but it captures the personality and heart of the film so well.

4 – Go the Distance (Hercules, 1997)

Is this an “I Want” song? I guess it is, which would make my previous supposition that Part of Your World is the greatest “I Want” song moot. I don’t know, I guess I don’t really ever think of this in that way though. This feels like more of “Hell yeah I’m gonna do this” song to me. And it’s wonderful. From the opening horns giving us echoes of other great heroes in Hollywood (Sideways again does a fantastic video on how super hero music works, which I can’t recommend enough), to the lyrics stirring up determination and hope, this song is a triumph.

3 – Le festin (Ratatouille, 2007)

Cmon. Do I need to explain this one? It’s beautiful. French is the most beautiful language in the world in my opinion, Camille’s vocals are gorgeous and Michael Giacchino’s instrumentation here is sublime. It’s a truly 10/10, no notes track.

2 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story, 1995)

Toy Story has such a special place in my heart. When I’ve been at my very lowest (and I’ve been as low as you can go in the past), I’ve put Toy Story on, and when this song starts I boo my eyes out. The song itself is like an old friend which gives me a hug and tells me it’s all going to be okay. I love this song more than almost any other song ever made. It’s perfect.

1 – The Second Star to the Right (Peter Pan, 1953)

Welp. Here it is. Number 1. And it’s a doozy. This has the perfect mix of everything that makes a Disney song great for me. I’ve said before it’s incredibly nostalgic for me, given the number of times I’ve seen the movie both as a kid and as an adult. The melody is both sad and joyful at the same time. It’s almost a lullaby. And it has the Disneyland Paris connection, being the main motif for Disney Dreams. Honestly, it’s perfect, and it’s my favourite Disney song ever. I can’t see it ever being topped.

Welp. There you have it folks. My top one hundred Disneyverse songs. That took FLIPPING AGES.

I think my main take away from this whole thing has been realising just how many Disney songs I love – and it’s a hell of a lot more than one hundred. There were so many omissions from this ranking that it almost seems criminal in many ways. I can hear your thoughts now dear reader; “Only two Mary Poppins tracks? Not one High School Musical song? WHERE’S ONE LITTLE SPARK?”

I guess that’s the great thing about art and opinions. It’s all subjective. What means a lot to me may mean nothing to you. And that’s how it goes. Put it this way, when I started this exercise it was because I felt the Billboard list was ridiculous. Now I’ve sorted mine? I have a lot more sympathy.

I wouldn’t recommend ranking 100 of anything, but if you have any opinions or even top 10s of your own, tell me them on Twitter. I’d love to argue with you.

Until next time peeps.

Isaac Pevy

Isaac Pevy

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